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Designed For Natural Living






It is a brand-new building made with ecological clean materials. Every detail is intended for natural living and relaxing

up to 11 guests

Classic mountain hut designed according to the Alpine huts for mountain lovers and climbers as a dormitory and mountain training center

up to 8 guests


A small gastronomic corner dictated by the feelings of May.  The menu is a carefully curated collection of dishes, each a testament to the region's culinary treasures. Locally sourced ingredients take center stage, and the chef's expertise transforms them into culinary masterpieces. Whether indulging in a savory dish inspired by mountain traditions or sipping on a carefully crafted beverage, every bite and sip becomes a celebration of the hidden gem's unique identity. 

DSC05307 copy_edited.jpg

Restaurant Maisi

The restaurant prioritizes sourcing ingredients from local farmers and producers. This not only supports the local farmers but also ensures that the ingredients are fresh and in-season.

The focus is on serving dishes made with the freshest and highest-quality ingredients and supports the ethos of the farm-to-table movement.


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