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Mountaway group

We are a family group, with a “tourism” history of 20 years living and working in the mountain. We try our best to share the experience we enjoy being in the mountain, offering our small, but lovely properties we have and running activities we like the most.

With the 20 years of experience, we were pioneering to promote mountain places, which became the most visited destinations in Georgia – Kazbegi, and Gudauri. In summer and in winter we are hosting dedicated and friendly groups of visitors/mountain travelers, families of friends, and offering them cozy accommodation, professional guiding, transportation, and exclusive local cousin.


Kato – Kazbegi Hut/Cabins host, manages guest relations, and wonderful cook; she is the one, who will lead you into the delicious experiences of Georgian cousin.    

Guram “creasy skier”, branded athlete/member of national freestyle team; lead Gudauri outdoor actions and responsible for all skiing and freeride activities.


Luka Interior designer, the one who is taking care of properties in Kazbegi (hut and cabins) and makes your stay comfortable. 

Vano – co-founder of Kazbegi hut, one of the first heliski/mountain guide, with an over the 30 years of experience developing Gudauri ski resort and well-known adventure tourism experts;


Ia - your welcoming host in Gudauri; she is taking care of guests, with a life experience of village tourism and organic products;

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