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Kazbegi Hut was built in 2002 as a dormitory and mountain guide training center. In 2015 we began to recreate it and year to year it has become more comfortable for guests.  This building is unique in his architecture, it is built mostly with the stone from region, the exterior is merged with the village's outward appearance. Till today hut has hosted hundreds of visitors from different countries. When you enter the place, you will feel like it is full of memories.


The house is located 2 km from the center of Stepantsminda, in the village of Gergeti, it is the last house in this village and isolated from other houses, That is why the house is distinguished by a quiet environment and beautiful views. The property is located 2 km from the center of Stepantsminda.


Kazbegi Hut includes a sun terrace, a seating area with a dining table, Non-smoking rooms, a mini library, free parking space, Free WiFi, and a fireplace.

Pets are allowed.


  Restaurants and markets 

  • mini market      

  • supermarker     

  • restourant   

  Natural beauty 


  • Tergi River                                    

  • Trinity church                             

  • Mount kazbegi                          

  • Gveleti waterfall                      

  • Juta Mountain Chaukhebi        

Closest airports 

  • Tbilisi airport            

  • Kutaisi airport             

  • Vladikavkaz airport   




  • Stepantsminda museum           

  • Stepantsminda Station/centre          

  • Gudauri SKI resort               

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14 km

7.1 km 

22.7 km

171 km

392 km

61   km

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34 km

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